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Join the Longevity Science Foundation today to help support the field of longevity research and ultimately extend the healthy human lifespan.
Our mission is to help make longevity-focused care accessible to everyone, no matter their background, by bringing cutting-edge science on aging out of the laboratory and into the real world.

By joining and contributing to the Foundation’s work, you will be part of a global movement working towards longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives for everyone.
You will play a major role in supporting aging research while getting a front-row seat to the newest longevity technologies and trends.

Venture Funds
You will be at the forefront of cutting-edge longevity technology advancements and will help us guide the go-to-market process of new companies, treatments and research.

Biopharma/BioTech Companies
You will gain invaluable insight into the advancement of longevity technologies and access to the researchers and companies pioneering these innovations.
Why You Should Join Us
Healthcare Institutions
You will be able to monitor the latest advancements in longevity technology and their potential uses for your patients, empowering you to integrate the best-practices in aging care immediately.

Research and Academic Hubs
You can submit your longevity-focused research projects and initiatives for consideration for our funding and acceleration support.
Help us fund novel longevity research and make existent treatments accessible to everyone! By doing your donations in crypto you are making a non-taxable contribution: donors do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated crypto that is donated and can typically deduct the fair market value of the donation on their taxes.

The LSF accepts all the major crypto currencies. Access the list by clicking the ‘select your crypto’ tab.
Important: once you’ve made a donation of more than 1499 USD you will be eligible to receive LSF Points and access our member platform. For that make sure to leave your contact details (do not tick the ‘donate anonymously’ option) and we will send you an email with further instructions!
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