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We are a one-of-a-kind membership organisation — the only 'club' dedicated to personal health and longevity, as well as to the scientific field advancing it.

Depending on their pass level, members get access to longevity science, cutting-edge research, as well as longevity events and physicians.

Their membership fees, in return, directly support R&D via LSF grants backing advancements in longevity care, cures and treatments pioneered by leading universities and research institutions.
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Membership Benefits
Join us to access exclusive content and support the future of human longevity
Access to Longevity Guides & Consultations with Physicians
Exclusive Events & Lectures with Longevity Leaders
Tax-Deductible Donations in Crypto
Voting Rights for Foundation Funding Decisions
Membership Levels
Contributions below $1,500
Supporter Pass
A starter pass for individuals embarking on their longevity journeys. Including →
LSF Point allocation and voting rights, access to voting platform for Foundation funding decisions

A tax-deductible donation under section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax code*

Subscription to monthly LSF newsletter with news, events and announcements from the longevity sector
Membership price of $1,500
Enthusiast Pass
An entry-level pass for longevity enthusiasts. Including all lower tiers, plus →
Manuals and guides on longevity interventions from leading sector specialists

Online access to LSF events featuring leaders in longevity, personalised medicine and biotech
Membership price of $50,000
Visionary Pass
An extensive package for committed supporters. Including all lower tiers, plus →
Physical access to one LSF event of your choosing

Briefings on LSF funded projects and high-level lectures on life extension

Access to all LSF content and lectures investment
Membership price of $150,000
Investor Pass
A highly exclusive package for building a longevity portfolio. Including all lower tiers, plus →
Physical access to all LSF events, with exclusive access to invite-only event sessions and an opportunity to access LSF board members directly

Access to our pitch club: meet promising entrepreneurs from the Foundation’s network

Access to a private longevity physician for a six-month guidance and consultation trajectory
Membership price of $500,000
Pioneer Pass
A comprehensive bespoke package for true pioneers. Including all lower tiers, plus →
Access to a private longevity physician for a one-year (or longer) guidance and consultation trajectory

A tailor-made optimum performance plan overseen by a private longevity physician in collaboration with the Foundation’s partner institutions

Personalised consultations with LSF Visionary, Patrons and Advisory Board members
You will play a major role in supporting aging research while getting a front-row seat to the newest longevity technologies and trends.

Venture Funds
You will be at the forefront of cutting-edge longevity technology advancements and will help us guide the go-to-market process of new companies, treatments and research.

Biopharma/BioTech Companies
You will gain invaluable insight into the advancement of longevity technologies and access to the researchers and companies pioneering these innovations.
Why You Should Join Us
Healthcare Institutions
You will be able to monitor the latest advancements in longevity technology and their potential uses for your patients, empowering you to integrate the best-practices in aging care immediately.

Research and Academic Hubs
You can submit your longevity-focused research projects and initiatives for consideration for our funding and acceleration support.
Help us fund novel longevity research and make existent treatments accessible to everyone! By doing your donations in crypto you are making a non-taxable contribution: donors do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated crypto that is donated and can typically deduct the fair market value of the donation on their taxes.

The LSF accepts all the major crypto currencies. Access the list by clicking the ‘select your crypto’ tab.
Important: once you’ve made a donation of more than 1499 USD you will be eligible to receive LSF Points and access our member platform. For that make sure to leave your contact details (do not tick the ‘donate anonymously’ option) and we will send you an email with further instructions!
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