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Cointelegraph and Longevity Science Foundation Announce Partnership

Media outlet to bring more crypto visionaries to the longevity space.

November 26, 2021 – Cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph and human longevity funding organisation Longevity Science Foundation have announced a new media partnership that will help bring more crypto visionaries and investors into the growing human longevity industry. The partnership will provide the foundation with access to Cointelegraph’s global platform and bring life extension opportunities and a rapidly growing body of research to the forefront for Cointelegraph users.

The Longevity Science Foundation is committed to distributing more than $1 billion over the next 10 years to research, institutions and projects advancing healthy human longevity. The foundation will fund research that helps make longevity and geriatric disease treatment more accessible to the general public, with potential first treatments available within the next five years. The foundation is also raising new awareness in the general public about the use of blockchain and other emerging technologies, such as AI, to advance the field, and has committed to exploring blockchain technology specifically as an empowering tool for funding and governance. 

“Cointelegraph is a leading source for news within the crypto industry,” said Garri Zmudze, executive coordinator of the Longevity Science Foundation. “We are delighted to work with such a global media outlet to share our work funding the future of longevity with a crypto-aligned audience. We believe that the innovation needed to power longer lifespans and the innovation needed to mainstream digital currencies go hand in hand.”

“Longevity is a relatively new area of development that will be of significant interest to our readers,” added Anastasia D., CEO of Cointelegraph Communications. “By raising awareness of advancements in the longevity industry, we aim to empower our readers to explore the potential of longer human lifespans and the incredible progress the foundation will make in this space in the coming years.”

Under the media partnership, Longevity Science Foundation will be able to share exclusive announcements and updates within the human longevity industry to Cointelegraph’s worldwide audience. The two organisations will be collaborating on events, bringing longevity-related topics to traditional crypto summits, networking and engaging in other public relations activities. 

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