Nikita Replyanski x the Longevity Science Foundation: The First Longevity NFT Collection

The Longevity Science Foundation is partnering with Triptych to launch an NFT collection. Triptych’s NFTs are designed to raise awareness about the exciting work being done in the longevity field and bring more individuals from the world of Web3 into the rapidly scaling longevity space. As part of this collection, we will be launching different seasons entitled “Longevity Volumes” that showcase artists and creatives from around the world. Each volume will explore different aspects of the relationship between longevity and humanity, with proceeds from the sales helping fund LSF research grants for longevity projects.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the first artist joining this NFT Collection: Nikita Replyanski. A globally known digital artist, Nikita is eager to share more about longevity medicine through his latest creations for Triptych on behalf of the LSF. His Volume will consist of five unique 1:1 pieces available for private sale and ten art tokens representing the concept of human longevity and exploring longer lives.

Nikita has a substantial online following and is primarily known in the NFT world for his “Phygital” brand called R66 Space. Under the R66 Space brand, Nikita’s work quickly rose to prominence, leading him to partner with Adidas to create their first-ever collaborative NFT art. R66 bridges the gaps between NFT, Augmented Reality (AR) and physical objects such as toys (with more to come).

All of Nikita's works are related to the transformation of man under the influence of high technology. He sees digital avatars and PFP tokens as a step toward exploring the self-identity of the human of the future, their alternative experiences and the development of a digital body.
Nikita has been a lecturer in the intersection of art and technology since 2014. The start of his career as a speaker is closely related to his first designs and art projects in the field of cyber technology. From 2014 to 2019, he was involved in designing bionic/robotic prosthetic hands with Motorica, where he collaborated with engineers to develop several design lines used by people with disabilities today. Models with Nikita's art prosthetics also participate in fashion shows and photoshoots.

Nikita said, “I am delighted to work with the Foundation to support longevity research. Raising awareness and donations through my art is an incredible honor, and it is exciting to be part of this growing field.”

To kick off this partnership, Nikita will join the Foundation’s Executive Coordinator Garri Zmudze for an AMA session. Stay up to date with the LSF’s latest activities and NFT drops by joining our Discord! Learn more about the NFT collection and join the waiting list via the website: