Patrons Board and Advisors

Diverse Group of Trailblazers Add to our Depth of Expertise

Identifying groundbreaking, achievable, advances in the extension of human life requires a special type of expertise. However, it’s not all about predictive diagnostics, therapeutics, personalised medicine and artificial intelligence.

To be at the bleeding edge of longevity science, it helps to engage people who have been at the bleeding edge of their industry, even if it may only be tangentially related to yours. That is why we created the new Longevity Science Foundation Patrons Board. We want to engage the expertise of those who have been at the forefront of remarkable change related to cryptocurrency, gaming, big data and the blockchain industry, with the latter having already demonstrated its commitment to longevity via significant donations in longevity organisations from blockchain and crypto KOLs. Beyond the Board, we are also proud to welcome new advisors that will help spread the word about the Foundation’s mission.

We’re excited to introduce our inaugural Patrons Board members:

Maja Vujinovic — She was a pioneer in mobile payments in 2005 and blockchain in 2010. Maja was responsible for leading initiatives in AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain across all General Electric verticals, as a CIO of Emerging Tech. She runs OGroup, an investment firm in digital assets.

Val Vavilov — He is Founder, Chief Vision Officer and Chairman of one of the world’s leading emerging technology companies, the Bitfury Group. Val founded it in 2011 when blockchain technology was just starting to catch fire.

And offer a warm welcome to new advisors joining the Foundation:

Lauren Berkowitz — She is Chief Commercial Officer for Bessor Pharma and has extensive experience in technology, media and business. Lauren was formerly Chief Business Officer for Elemental Cognition, part of the Core Management Group at Bridgewater Associates and Managing Director at IBM.

Anastasia Drinevskaya – She is Chief Executive Officer of Cointelegraph Communications. Anastasia has extensive experience in the media sector, including top leadership roles at fashion and business publications.

George Givishvili – He is Chief Executive Officer of VBET Ukraine, an online betting platform. George was previously CEO of Forbes Ukraine and CMO of the Bitfury Group.

We face a number of challenges in the field of longevity science. Adding these trailblazers as advisers gives us the impetus needed to overcome those challenges.