Funding Call Announcement: Ageing Clocks

We are proud to announce the Longevity Science Foundation’s first funding call. Based on consultations and input we received from our Visionary Board members, we have decided to centre this funding call around the concept of ‘ageing clocks.’ This can include apps, software and other devices designed specifically to track one’s biological age.

The recent discoveries around ageing biomarkers and ageing clocks have significantly benefited the longevity sector, helping accelerate development of diagnostics, treatments and more. Ageing clocks are a valuable tool for researchers, as biomarkers can help determine an individual’s biological age based on the status of cells, tissues and other body systems. As the sector moves toward a more nuanced understanding of the science around ageing clocks, stakeholders will be able to unlock a more comprehensive and holistic assessment of someone’s health. Ageing clocks also facilitate means for researchers to measure the efficacy of anti-ageing treatments.

To quote our Visionary Board member Alex Zhavoronkov, “Predictors of chronological and biological age developed using deep learning (DL) are rapidly gaining popularity in the ageing research community. These deep ageing clocks can be used in a broad range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, spanning target identification, drug discovery, data economics, and synthetic patient data generation” (DOI: 10.1016/

The funding call is now open and accessible here. The deadline for proposals is May 1 at 00.00. In line with the LSF’s non-discriminatory research selection practises, we welcome all researchers and institutions to apply regardless of their geographic, academic or financial particulars. Proposals must concern ageing clocks. The Foundation will assess applications received before this call for relevance to the chosen topic.