The Longevity Science Foundation funds groundbreaking efforts in human longevity.
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The Longevity Science Foundation has committed $1 billion over the next ten years to research, institutions and projects advancing healthy human longevity. Here’s how the Foundation chooses what to fund:
Step 1:
Proposal Review
Step 1
All proposals received are reviewed by the expert visionary board
Step 2
Promising proposals are evaluated for their potential impact on human longevity
Step 3
The Visionary Board handpicks the proposals for consideration by the donors
Step 4
All Longevity Science Foundation donors are presented with the proposals and vote on which to fund
In this stage, proposals are reviewed closely by the Visionary Board and a team of experts for their potential impact on the field of human longevity. All proposals are evaluated holistically and entirely on their own merits, including but not limited to technical soundness, uniqueness of research, promise and prowess of the researching team, and more, depending on the type of proposal.
Once the most promising proposals have been identified, the Visionary Board reviews them again, considering carefully the Foundation’s Guiding Principles to identify the proposals to move forward into the funding stage.
All contributors to the foundation receive voting rights as part of their donation. In this stage, they are introduced to the projects and vote on which should receive funding.
The Foundation welcomes proposals from promising scientists, researchers, institutions and students. Funding from the Longevity Science Foundation can be used for research, scholarships for scientists and clinicians, operational costs for longevity-focused organisations, and more. The top areas of interest are in areas of predictive diagnostics, therapeutics, AI, and personalised medicine — but proposals are welcomed from across the field.
Step 2:
Proposal Evaluation
Step 3:
Proposal Selection
Step 4:
Donor Voting
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