Guiding Principles of the Foundation
To achieve our mission of making longevity treatments accessible to everyone, we commit to several principles of care and excellence.
Longevity Science Foundation is a non-profit organization working to qualitatively accelerate the longevity industry worldwide. The following principles guide the Foundation:
Longevity Science Foundation is a non-profit entity established to utilize funds provided by its contributors exclusively for funding early-stage longevity research and sustaining operational activities. The Foundation adheres to the highest auditability and transparency standards in its operations, partnering with leading consulting companies to ensure financial and operational reporting are readily available to all participants.
Longevity Science Foundation actively prevents discrimination in the research process by using identical valuation techniques on all project/funding proposals with no differentiation based on the institution submitting the proposal. The Foundation believes that all project applications should have an equal opportunity to be considered for funding, regardless of geography or previous academic merit.
Longevity Science Foundation's primary guiding principle is including its contributors in decision-making processes and, where possible, as early adopters of longevity technologies incepted using Foundation funding. The Foundation aims to frame its value proposition as appealing to biotech and non-biotech stakeholders, ranging from individual contributors to biopharma companies, research institutions, and venture funds worldwide.
Longevity Science Foundation relies heavily on the expertise of its Visionary Board members. The Visionary Board defines the research vectors the Foundation will be looking at over a specified period, pre-vetting and shortlisting the projects submitted for funding after the Foundation's due-diligence team has completed their technical assessment. By doing so, the Voting Right Holders (contributors) exercise their voting rights on fully pre-vetted project proposals, ensuring that only worthy and impactful research is funded.
The mission of the Foundation is to accelerate longevity research globally, providing a qualitative push to the industry as a whole. Therefore, the Foundation processes its funding decisions based on the potential impact, relevance, and ability of the project to advance longevity research in the areas pre-defined by the Foundation's Visionary Board.
Transparency & Auditability
Inclusivity of Research
Inclusion of Contributors
Pre-Vetted Decision-Making
Industry Impact
Learn more about our principles and other information related to the LSF’s functioning in our Guiding Statement

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